Redefining Christian Britain: Post 1945 Perspectives (Paper)

Post 1945 Perspectives

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  • 6/15/2007
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"Redefining Christian Britain brings together distinguished writers from a number of fields - history, sociology, theology - to reassess the role of Christianity in Britain. This is an area that has been of increasing public debate and interest in recent years, but the debate has followed rather predictable grooves. This book seeks to do something different, by looking at the impact of Christianity over a wide range of areas of national life - religion and the media, religious art, religion in literature, religion in schools, religion and economics and so on. The book has been born out of a frustration at existing writing on religious change in Britain, which has tended to over-concentrate on church attendance figures, rather than look at the more diffuse and dynamic influence of religion on public and private life. ""Redefining Christian Britain"" will open up new areas of inquiry including religious architecture, church music, debates on sexuality and women's ordination, public rituals like royal weddings, the 'sacred'


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