Murder, Manners and Mystery: Reflections on Faith in Contemporary Detective Fiction (Paper)

Reflections on Faith in Contemporary Detective Fiction

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  • 1/30/2007
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Highlighting popular works by P.D. James, Colin Dexter, Ian Pears and Umberto Eco, among others, this subtle and intelligently written monograph examines the treatment of religion in the genre of contemporary murder mystery novels, and the implications of this phenomenon for understanding Christian thought in a post-Christian society. The book begins by considering the critical question of authorial intent and the question of genre criticism and what makes a genre, a 'serious' literary specialism. Is crime fiction ever destined to be written by 'serious authors'? Erb argues that P D James proves this possible, writing for a multi-faceted, secular, popular audience and setting her books in a Christian context. The question, what is mystery is fully explored in the opening chapter, where Erb examines James' A Taste for Death and Devices and Desires, and contrasts their treatment of mystery with Colin Dexter's treatment in Death is now my Neighbour. The second chapter considers the popularity of detective fiction at large


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