Theology for Changing Times (Paper)

John Atherton and the Future of Public Theology

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  • 9/29/2018
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From wealth creation to wealth distribution and social ethics, from urban mission to religious studies and psychology the work of John Atherton was breathtaking in scope and variety. Unifying all of his work, however, was a concern with engaging the work of theology with wider society.

With contributions from some of the leading lights in public theology today, this book offers not only an appreciation of John Atherton’s work within a prodigiously large array of disciplines, but also an attempt to ask ‘what next’, taking his work forward and considering where the future of public theology might lie. John Atherton's last published article is also reproduced.

Contributions include: 
Malcolm Brown on Industrial Mission and Social Responsibility 
Ellen Charry on Theology and Wellbeing/Happiness 
Anna Rowlands on Anglican Social Theory 
Jonathan Chaplin on Evangelical Public Theology 


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