SCM Core Text: The Bible and Literature (Paper)

Alison Jack

  • 9780334041665
  • 352
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  • Paper
  • 9780334041665
  • 8/31/2012
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The SCM Core Text The Bible and Literature explores the crossover between attempts to read the Bible as literature and to read the Bible in literature. It seeks to assess what form a truly inter-disciplinary approach to the reading of the Bible would have to take, taking into consideration the background knowledge, preconceptions and theories of reading which scholars from each discipline, literary and biblical studies, bring to literary and biblical texts. The book covers all the key methods of literary criticism such as narrative criticism, reader-response, intertextuality and feminist criticism and explores how they might be relevant to the crossover between the Bible and literature. The Bible and Literature is presented as an undergraduate-friendly textbook and will make a valuable addition to the reading lists of courses on theology and literature, hermeneutics, and Biblical studies.


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