On Human Worth (Paper)

A Christian Vindication of Equality

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  • 1/1/2001
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This book makes a significant contribution to the contemporary debate about equality and argues that Christian notions of equality are still challengingly relevant in today's world and in contemporary discussion.A central place is afforded to issues of public policy and economic relationships, since in the author's view a decent community should affirm and demonstrate a commitment to justice in the way it is structured and in its dealings with its members, particularly the poor, the vulnerable and the excluded. Duncan Forrester's book is essential reading on a disturbing topic which most of us acknowledge but with which few of us know how to deal. Like the author, I feel guilty every time I see a beggar on the streets or at the door. I know that in God's sight we are somehow equal, but there is a huge gulf between us. Can it be bridged? What does it require of us? Forrester writes out of a lifetime of wrestling with such questions, and also with passion, clarity, and conviction.' John W de Gruchy, Professor of Chr


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