Talking About God in Practice: Theological Action Research and Practical Theology (Paper)

Theological Action Research and Practical Theology

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  • 9780334043638
  • 11/30/2010
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Talking about God in Practice details the challenges and complexities of real theological conversations with practitioners, whilst providing an example of appropriate process, and a model of theological understanding by which to negotiate these complexities fruitfully.ááDrawing on, and adapting, action research methods, this process enables researchers with practitioners to access æimplicitÆ theologies, embedded within practices. The disclosure of the theology borne by practice enables a fresh and often exciting insight for all concerned, which leads to renewal of both practice and theology. ááThe ôTheological Action Researchö process offers effective and mutually constructive ways of engaging practitioners and æacademicsÆ in authentic research partnerships, contributing to the proper rootedness of theological scholarship, and to capacity building among practitioners for further, self-led research, reflection, and theologizing.


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