The Love of Wisdom (Paper)

An Introduction to Philosophy for Theologians

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  • 9780334043843
  • 11/30/2013
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The Love of Wisdom offers a comprehensive introduction to Western intellectual history and philosophy for all studying Christian Theology.The history of Christian theology is interwoven with the wider history of Western thought. A good understanding of what a particular theologian wrote requires some appreciation of the intellectual climate in which he or she was writing, including the philosophical currency of the time, and particularly the meaning of the philosophical terminology deployed. This book will put a basic appreciation of the intellectual history of Europe over the past 2,500 years within the grasp of theology students.This book will help students studying theology to be better theologians. It will also be of use in thinking about Christian apologetics, since quite a few of the topics under discussion in this field are basically philosophical. The same could be said for topics in `science and religion'. The book will help the student of philosophical theology or philosophy of religion see how philosophical thinking within theology is paralleled by interest in theological subjects within philosophy. Finally, it will help students acquire a sense of the historical trajectory of theology by placing it alongside the parallel history of philosophy.


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