SCM Studyguide: Anglicanism (Paper)


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  • 9780334043379
  • 5/31/2010
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The SCM Studyguide Anglicanism offers a comprehensive introduction to the many different facets of Anglicanism. Aimed at students preparing for ministry, it presumes no prior knowledge of the subject and offers helpful overviews of Anglican history, liturgy, theology, Canon Law, mission and global Anglicanism.More and more ordinands come from contexts in which they are no longer familiar with their own denominational identity. The book fills a definite gap in the market and can be used as a textbook for a 10-week module on Anglican denominational identity.The author is an experienced theological educator who has road tested the material with students in residential and non-residential settings. The book can also be used in courses on church history, spirituality, ecclesiology, mission and doctrine.


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