Space for Grace: Creating Inclusive Churches (Paper)

Creating Inclusive Churches

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  • 9781853119163
  • 10/30/2008
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'Inclusive' is a term that is most closely associated with questions of human sexuality, but in relation to theology and to local church life it has many more dimensions which this book explores. Like so many others, the church of which Giles Goddard is rector was, fifty years ago, almost exclusively white, middle class and male-led. As the local community became more diverse, change was inevitable. Theology has followed rather than led this change and this book reflects on what inclusive theology is starting to look like in practice''.Including stories of people who have either been instrumental in this change or who have stayed faithful through its various stages, it explores key questions for every local church: embracing the evangelical, orthodox and liberal and seeing beyond labels, treating everyone as equal before God, sharing leadership and responsibility, recognising that freedom needs limits, drawing people from the margins to the centre, and managing change. Theological reflection follows each story and an h


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