Tend My Flock: Sustaining Good Practice in Pastoral Care (Paper)

Sustaining Good Practice in Pastoral Care

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  • 1853116483
  • 9/29/2006
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"Tend My Flock is a companion and guide for ordained and lay ministers seeking to live their pastoral ministry well, amid all the complexities and pressures of contemporary society. Much pastoral care is exercised with integrity and sensitivity and yet there are many potential hazards.รกรก""Tend My Flock"" addresses issues which often remain unspoken, inviting dialogue, reflection, honest self-examination and the courage to share struggles and dilemmas with colleagues, friends in ministry and family members. It offers practical, tried and tested guidance in key areas including: confidentiality and trust; power, authority and vulnerability; setting and maintaining boundaries; safeguarding health and well-being; maintaining positive personal relationships; and, transition, loss and bereavement."


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