Jesus Prayer Rosary: Bible Meditations for Praying with Beads (Hardback)

Bible Meditations for Praying with Beads

  • 9781853118111
  • 128
  • 56.25
  • Hardback
  • 9781853118111
  • 10/30/2007
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The Jesus Prayer Rosary will be welcomed by the growing number of people who are discovering that praying with beads can be a spiritually enriching and therapeutic experience. It will further enrich the spirituality of the many Christians who have found meditative repetition of the ancient Jesus Prayer to be a valuable devotional aid. This unique book brings together these two popular approaches to prayer and worship. It offers a Jesus-centred way of praying with beads. Ideal for complete beginners, it includes basic instruction on how to pray the rosary, using the Jesus Prayer. It comprises four sets of meditations which focus on the infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke, scenes from the ministry of Jesus, his passion and death. These include readings from the various Gospel writers. Finally, we are given insight into our experience of him as the Risen One who gradually transforms our lives. Each meditation concludes with a prayer mostly taken from the liturgy, and biblical canticles are provided as centrepiece pr


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