Leadership of Jesus: And Its Legacy Today (Paper)

And Its Legacy Today

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  • 1853114359
  • 1/1/2001
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Two thousand years on, Jesus of Nazareth still attracts hundreds of millions of followers world wide. A genius for leadership is self-evident and yet John Adair, the internationally renowned author and consultant on leadership, finds that little has been said or written about this aspect of Jesus, despite the world's hunger for visionary, inspirational leaders. Using the body of knowledge about leadership that we have today, he offers a captivating analysis of Jesus as a leader - then and now.รกรก'Jesus is one of the few individuals who seem somehow to rise above history, nationality, race, gender and creed - he belongs to us all. What is his contribution to that timeless yet timely leadership that the world needs today.' John Adair in his introduction


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