Hearts to Heaven and Tempers Raise: Choirstalls and Other Places Where Angels Fear to Tread (Paper)

Choirstalls and Other Places Where Angels Fear to Tread

  • 9781853116667
  • 160
  • 37.50
  • Paper
  • 1853116661
  • 10/31/2005
  • 3-5 days processing
$ 13.00


Like a favourite TV comedy series, Reg Frary returns with another collection of all-too believable stories about anarchy and revolt waiting to break out in the choirstalls. They may look angelic in their robes, and may (on rare occasions) even sound like angels, but it's a dirty game keeping one step ahead of the vicar's trendy ideas and the choir director's aspirations to dictatorship. It all necessitates frequent councils of war down at the Dog and Duck after practice...


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