The Road Well Travelled: Exploring Traditional Christian Spirituality (Paper)

Exploring Traditional Christian Spirituality

  • 9781853119644
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  • 9781853119644
  • 7/30/2009
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Patterns of discipleship, worship and prayer that have been hallowed by centuries of use in many branches of the Christian church are explored here afresh in the belief that they offer new significance in the rush and pressure of our modern lifestyles. The author, David Winter takes us on a tour of: ""Ways of Reading the Bible"" (Lectio Divina), ""Food for the Journey"" (the Eucharist), ""The Sacrament of the Word"" (attending to the preacher), ""Aids to Devotion"" (icons, candles, incense), ""The Double Cure"" (confession and absolution), ""The Cloud of Witnesses"" (learning from the saints), ""Self-Denial"" (fasting, personal discipline), ""The Sign of Christ"" (making the sign of the cross), ""The Christian Seasons"" (using the Church calendar), ""The Daily 'Office"" (giving shape to our quiet times), ""Anointing with Oil"" (the sign of the Spirit), ""Praying with the Whole Church"" (the Communion of Saints).


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