Creative Ideas for Sacramental Worship with Children: with CD ROM (Paper)

with CD ROM

  • 9781848250925
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  • Paper
  • 9781848250925
  • 9/29/2011
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Everyone desires to involve children in the life and worship of the Church, and yet we panic about how we canl engage them and enable them to express their innate spirituality. How does the sacramental life of the Church touch the lives of the young? How can the traditions of the Church come alive for those who are more attuned to television and computer games? ááThis ideas filled book offers a range of practical resources for engaging children and young people in worship in ways that are profoundly missional and attractive. It explores how participation in the Eucharist and other sacraments can enable children to encounter the depths of the faith without trivialization.ááExploring children's innate capacity for spirituality and the power of story telling, it provides a wide selection of prayers, songs, action responses, short talks and complete liturgies with visuals, videos and suggestions for music.


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