Etched by Silence (Paper)

A pilgrimage through the poetry of RS Thomas

  • 9781848253391
  • 43.75
  • Paper
  • 9781848253391
  • 10/26/2013
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$ 20.99


This collection of poems by Wales' most famous poet-priest, R S Thomas, is interspersed with short reflections and questions for exploration that connect the timeless poetry to the landscape that inspired it. Originally produced locally for visitors to the North Wales village and church where R S Thomas was the parish priest, its appeal extends to all who know and love the raw honesty and sparse, striking style of the poetry, and whose own faith and questions are mirrored in it.

Aberdaron still welcomes streams of visitors, R S Thomas aficionados and pilgrims en route to the nearby holy island of Bardsey. This book brings the poetry alive in a fresh way and provides a pilgrim guide to the locality, along with reflections that enable armchair readers everywhere to enter more deeply into the world of the poems.

All royalties will continue to go to maintaining the church at Aberdaron.


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