The Cross of Nails: Joining in God's Mission of Reconciliation (Paper)

Joining in God's Mission of Reconciliation

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  • 9781848252394
  • 9/29/2012
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The Community of the Cross of Nails came into being as a result of the bombing of Coventry Cathedral in November 1940. Amid the destruction, two medieval nails were found lying in the shape of a cross û seen as a prophetic sign for the need of forgiveness and reconciliation, the people of Coventry offered forgiveness to the people of Germany at Christmas, just weeks after the bombing. Today, the Community of the Cross of Nails has 160 centres in 40 countries, working and praying to build peace, heal the wounds of history and enable people to grow together in hope through conferences, teaching in schools and prisons, and pilgrimages. This illustrated book tells its remarkable story from the beginning. It is also a work of contextual theology, offering reflection on the meaning of reconciliation in the contemporary world and relating experiences of imaginative forgiveness from Cape Town to Ground Zero.


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