Prayer and Prayer Activities (Paper)

For worship with adults, children and all-ages, Years A, B & C

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  • 9781848252639
  • 4/26/2013
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ROOTS is a joint initiative by all the mainstream churches in the UK and Ireland. For ten years it has provided lectionary-based resources for worship and learning for the whole church. Over 10,000 local churches use its regular magazine and online programmes.

This versatile and adaptable participative prayer resource for all-age worship is taken from the extensive material the ROOTS authors have created. Based on the lectionary readings for each Sunday of Years A, B & C it includes:

* gathering prayers* seasonal prayers of thanksgiving* a creative response to the day's readings* responsive prayers of intercession* a children's prayer activity* an all-age prayer activity* responsive prayers for sending out

All the texts can be downloaded or projected from the accompanying CD Rom.


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