Eucharistic Theology of Jeremy Taylor Today (Paper)

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WHY TAYLOR TODAY? Jeremy Taylor is more than a famous figure from the Anglican past for much of what he created theologically remains an ingredient in Anglicanism today. Seen against the background of his own times, he stands out in a period rich in theological ability. Seen from the angle of our times, Taylor commands our attention as a precursor. His Real Presence and Spiritual (1654) anticipates aspects of eucharistic theology in the Lima Report (1982) and in the Final Report(1982) or ARCIC I. His moral theology forms the context for his sacramental theology and forestalls much of the development characteristic of the twentieth-century revolution in that subject. He has moreover the curious capawy of appearing to make hirnself at times our contemporary.ááA man of paradox, both Laudon and liberal, steeped in the great tradition yet: on occasion strangely modern, he persistently defies easy classification. He is a theologian of affiliations but of no party, holding 'the faith once 'for all delivered' but expounding it with


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