Grace: The Free, Unconditional and Limitless Love of God (Paper)

The Free, Unconditional and Limitless Love of God

  • 9781848250543
  • 192
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  • Paper
  • 9781848250543
  • 6/29/2012
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Grace - the free, unconditional and limitless love of God - is one of the epic words of the Christian faith and a key part of what is most distinctive about it. It lies at the heart of what is proclaimed in the Gospel, but is not well understood, even by Christians. For centuries, Christians have laboured under two opposing misunderstandings: the Catholic view: We must strive to be good in order to deserve God's love,or the Protestant view: Humankind is so sinful, we can do no good at all. To set a great imbalance right, this volume explores what grace is; how it flows from an understanding of the Trinity; how it becomes visible in the life of Christ; grace in creation, human freedom and the Church; ways of thinking about grace and living the life of grace.


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