The Parish: People, Place and Ministry: A Theological And Practical Exploration (Paper)

A Theological And Practical Exploration

  • 9781853115868
  • 226
  • 93.75
  • Paper
  • 185311586X
  • 7/31/2004
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The Church of England is its parishes-for clergy & lay people alike, Christianity is lived out in the context of a parish with a community, congregation, building and a priest. This immensely useful resource reflects on many aspects of parish ministry: pastoral care, liturgy, art and the sacred space, spirituality, youth, regeneration, and the multicultural parish, and more. ááA vital guide for students, clergy and lay church leaders, it was conceived in response to 'Anglicanism: the answer to Modernity'(Continuum), a book by academics giving an ivory-tower view. This is intended as a real help for the real work of running a parish and to enable theological reflection at local level.


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