Here I Am: Reflections on the Ordained Life (Hardback)

Reflections on the Ordained Life

  • 9781853117138
  • 128
  • 43.75
  • Hardback
  • 1853117137
  • 6/28/2006
  • In Stock
$ 20.99


Based on the words of the new Anglican Ordinal which are spoken at every ordination, here is a profound and lasting meditation on the essential of the priestly life. Exploring every aspect of this dedicated life, it offers timeless inspiration to all, from those contemplating their vocation to those celebrating decades in the ministry. ''It focuses on: serving and shepherding; proclaiming; watching; searching and guiding; declaring forgiveness; making disciples; unfolding the Scriptures; presiding and leading; supporting and defending; and discerning and fostering.


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