The Language of Tears (Paper)

Their gift, mystery and meaning

  • 9781786220912
  • 144
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  • Paper
  • 9781786220912
  • 7/29/2018
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This book explores the experience, meanings, purpose and gift of tears and their place in human life and growth, and their significance for prayer and spirituality.

Culturally, socially and as church we are going through times of loss, uncertainty and anxiety. Tears are a natural and important part of the way we process our responses in such times. But so many church strategies attempt to talk 'up' and focus on positives. Tears only tend to be discussed in context of pain and loss. By contrast, in the early centuries of the church tears were regarded as an extension of baptism or a gift of the Spirit. They were integral to prayer and a vital part of human integration and maturing. Jesus said that those who mourn were 'blessed'.

This wise and sensitive book is for all engaged in spiritual direction, counselling or pastoral care and will enable deeper and fuller engagement.


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