Seeing & Believing: Praying with Paintings of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ (CD)

Praying with Paintings of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ

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  • 2/29/2008
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After studying the changing ways that the resurrection had been portrayed in art for a higher degree, Christopher Herbert, realised the power of images to capture the popular imagination and to convey the Christian faith more effectively than any sermon. He began to give talks throughout his diocese based on images from the life of Christ - always to packed churches and always to a mix of churchgoers and visitors. Imagine that happening if he was just due to preach, he says.The 10 paintings begin with Fra Angelico's Annunciation and end with Hans Memling's Christ Gives His Blessing. Also included are works by Rembrandt, Titian, Grunewald, Van Der Weyden and others. There is a short commentary and devotion to accompany each painting.


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