Consecrations Blessings and Prayers (Hardback)

New enlarged edition

  • 9781786220851
  • 272
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  • Hardback
  • 9781786220851
  • 9/30/2018
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What do you say when you are asked to bless a couple getting engaged, a new car or computer, a pet, or a business meeting, a headstone, school leavers or a prisoner newly arrived in prison? Where do you turn for help when you are asked to pray at the death bed of someone with no religious belief or for someone with a mental illness or for an adopted child? 

This comprehensive collection offers ready-made short pastoral liturgies for hundreds of occasions, as well as consecrations for items set apart for holy use. It includes blessings for a wide range of personal, family, church and civic occasions; house blessings; blessings of everyday objects and activities, and for occasions throughout the church and the school year.

First published in 2004, this enlarged edition includes many additional blessings for occasions suggested by clergy from their own experiences of being asked to offer blessing.


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