The English Ritual: A Companion to the English Missal (Hardback)

A Companion to the English Missal

  • 9781853114571
  • 262
  • 100.00
  • Hardback
  • 185311457X
  • 1/1/2002
  • 7-10 days processing
$ 32.00


"This pocket-sized text contains forms of words for administering the sacraments and other rites of the Church. Each is printed in full for practical convenience, making this a useful resource for priests and parishioners who prefer ancient rites which pre-date the splits and divisions brought about by the Reformation. ááThe book contains orders of service for baptism, marriage, funerals, sick visiting, home communion, penance and numerous blessing ceremonies - for buildings, objects and events. It may be used alongside ""Common Worship"" and ""The Book of Common Prayer"", and includes an appendix of prayers for a wide range of needs and occasions."


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