The Drawing of this Love (Paper)

Growing in Faith with Julian of Norwich

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  • 9781848258365
  • 7/30/2016
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Embark on a journey of spiritual growth with Julian of Norwich as your guide. Popular retreat leader and former monk Robert Fruehwirth explores the stages of faith development using Julian's Revelations of Divine Love, inviting readers into a deeper, more honest and grounded faith Julian of Norwich is an ideal companion for personal spiritual growth because her mystical experiences led her to a kind of faith that makes sense to 21st century Christians - a God of unconditional love, of merciful compassion and honesty, and radical belief in the goodness of creation and humanity. Her example provides a map for a faith journey from initial trust, through critical questions and struggle, to resolution - a pattern many experience today. Fans of Julian will find this a fresh and different exposition of her work, combining the commonly understood teachings of Julian with an exploration of what happens when we try to live them.


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