Making Sense of Generation Y (Paper)

The World View of 16- to 25- year-olds

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  • 9780715142424
  • 1/25/2011
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For Generation Y, born after 1982, Margaret Thatcher is a piece of social history, relationships happen over the internet and music marks their territory. How does this generation think about the world? What does their spirituality look like? And what implications does this have for the Church?

Based on original research, Making Sense of Generation Y explores how young people aged 15-25 draw on popular culture to shape their worldview and spirituality. The results of this research suggest that many of the ChurchÆs previous assumptions about this generation have been wrong.

How can the Church begin to reconnect with this generation? Making Sense of Generation Y grapples with this challenging question and suggests ways forward.

This title is essential reading for clergy, youth workers and all those wishing to engage with young people.


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