Missional Conversations (Paper)

A Dialogue between Theory and Praxis in World Mission

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  • 9780334057062
  • 10/30/2018
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Given the essentially practical nature of mission, it is surprising that there has often been such a disconnect between those studying mission theoretically, and those involved in it practically.

"Missional Conversations" introduces the reader to key themes in contemporary mission through global conversations between theory and praxis. Exploring emergent themes in missiology, the book takes the form of a conversation between reflective practitioners – both those in academia and with those who are practically engaged. 

Contributions include:
- Andrea Campanale and Mike Moynagh on new forms of church 
- Ric Scott and Jonny Baker on the place of imagination and creativity for mission
- David Bookless and Amy Ross on mission and the environment
- Daniel G. Groody csc and Amy Roche on mission and migration

To conclude, Ian Adams reflects on Luke's account of Simeon and Anna as a lens through which to view what mission spirituality might look like in our turbulent times. 


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