Pastoral Supervision: A Handbook New Edition (Paper)

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  • 5 x 9
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  • 9780334053446
  • 1/1/2015
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Pastoral Supervision is increasingly sought out by people working in ministry. It offers a safe space to reflect theologically and constructively on pastoral experience. Pastoral Supervision: A Handbook is the standard text for what is a growing discipline and endorsed by APSE, the Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators, which is now established as an accrediting professional body for all involved in supervision in a Christian context. Much has happened in the discipline since the first edition was published. The second edition contains:

  • a new foreword
  • a new introduction written by the authors
  • a new chapter on the nuts and bolts of structuring a supervision session
  • a new chapter on embodied active supervision
  • literature updates and textual improvements to the extant chapters.


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