Church and Countryside: Insights from Rural Theology (Paper)

Insights from Rural Theology

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  • 9780334042037
  • 9/29/2010
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"While in recent years much attention among theologians has been focused on the city and on what makes a good city, much of (church) life in Britain takes place in the context of rural communities. In the context of their daily work, clergy find themselves confronted with complex ethical, political and social issues. ""Church and Countryside"" maps out a rural theology that addresses some of the concerns faced by Britain's rural population and those who minister to them. While other books in this field focus on practical (mission-orientated) aspects of ministry in the countryside, Tim Gibson offers a discussion of some of the relevant issues from the point of view of Christian ethics. An accessibly written and thoroughly researched piece of contextual theology that should become core reading for mission and ministry courses in theological colleges and ministry training courses."


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