Theology in the Public Sphere (Paper)

Public Theology as a Catalyst for Open Debate

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  • 9780334043775
  • 9/30/2011
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Theology in the Public Sphere discusses the nature, methodology and issues in formulating public theology, the engagement of living religious traditions with their public environment - the economic, political and cultural spheres of common life.Public theology has emerged as theologians wrestle with the problem of the privatisation of Christian faith and seek to engage in dialogue with those outside church circles on various issues, urging Christians to participate in the public domain. It provides an alternative mode of engagement to any form of monopoly in public life by promoting critical inquiry and open debate. This landmark volume outlines a constructive model of doing theology in the public sphere. UIt draws on the author's extensive experience in a number of different international contexts and shows how public theological thinking is applied to a number of recent case studies such as the Danish cartoon affair, the debate about Sharia Law and the churches involvement in reconciliation.


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