The Naked Preacher (Hardback)

Action Research and a Practice of Preaching

  • 9780334056447
  • 288
  • 43.75
  • Hardback
  • 9780334056447
  • 3/28/2018
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$ 104.00


This new volume in the SCM Research series argues that both preaching and Action Research are inherently exposing practices. They require a deep level of self-consciousness, and a willingness to hold oneself up to critique and comment. But at their best they are both formed within a deep and supportive critical community. 

Applying a methodology rooted in Action Research as way of Doing Theology (ART), and drawn from the author's own research within a specific 'community of practice', "The Naked Preacher" demonstrates for preachers and ministers new ways to be critically and constructively self-aware. It also offers an important contribution for practical theologians with an interest in action research and critical reflection.


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