Trans/Formations (Paper)

Lisa Isherwood

  • 9780334043430
  • 218
  • 56.25
  • Paper
  • 9780334043430
  • 10/30/2009
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"Trans/formations is a new addition to ""SCM's Controversies in Contextual Theology"" series. Like anything coming from Marcella Althaus-Reid and Lisa Isherwood, it is controversial and challenging as well as highly original. The book will: make visible a range of trans lived experience [transgendered and transsexual], offer theological reflection on these experiences, create challenging theology from this experiential base, and provide a resource for churches and theology students not to date available. It includes an excellent range of contributors, including Elizabeth Stuart and Virginia Ramey Mollenkott. This is a valuable addition to reading lists of courses on religion, gender and the body."


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