As a Fire by Burning (Paper)

Mission as the Life of the Local Congregation

  • 9780334043706
  • 288
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  • Paper
  • 9780334043706
  • 2/28/2013
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As a Fire by Burning explores the relationship between the day-to-day life of local churches and congregations and contemporary thinking about mission. The book begins with first-hand experience of those engaged in mission in a wide variety of different contexts, which are then, in the second part of the book explored and reflected by Roger Standing, an experienced practitioner and teacher of mission and pioneer ministry in the light of contemporary mission thinking. On what biblical/theological basis do we seek to do what we do? A number of critical themes are developed that explore important questions that are rarely addressed, but that can have significant implications if they are neglected or misunderstood. Rather than relying on a 'one size fits all', off-the-shelf approach to mission, the book will encourage a level of engagement with context, Scripture, prayer and theology that will help to empower a local congregation to discern and shape its own missional life.


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