Creaturley Theology: God, Humans and Other Animals (Paper)

God, Humans and Other Animals

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  • Paper
  • 9780334041894
  • 2/24/2009
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Creaturely Theology is a ground-breaking scholarly collection of essays that maps out the agenda for the future study of the theology of the non-human and the post-human. A wide range of first-rate contributors show that theological reflection on non-human animals and related issues are an important though hitherto neglected part of the agenda of Christian theology and related disciplines. The book offers a genuine interdisciplinary conversation between theologians, philosophers and scientists and will be a standard text on the theology of non-human animals for years to come. Contributors include: Esther D. Reed (Exeter), Rachel Muers (Leeds), Stephen Clark (Liverpool), Neil Messer (Lampeter), Peter Scott (Manchester), Michael Northcott (Edinburgh), Christopher Southgate (Exeter)


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