Paul (Paper)

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  • 9780334012269
  • 6/10/2012
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Lucas Grollenberg, a Dutch Dominican, is already known to English readers as the author of one of the best illustrated atlases of the Bible. In this short book he provides one of the most engaging and non-technical introductions to the often difficult thought and work of St Paul. The book arose out of a series of meetings with a group of lay people. Its style is informal and there are no disconcerting details to clpe with which presuppose a certain level of knowledge. At the same time, however, the book reflects the best modern critical scholarship and does not gloss over the diffi- culties which Paul presents to twentieth-century readers. Fr Grollenberg draws on three sources for his account: the letters of Paul, Acts, and the knowledge that has come down to us from the ancient world. To this he can add his own first-hand knowledge of the territories involved, gained not least from travels in an old Volkswagen over the routes covered by Paul. The result is a vivid and even controversial picture of the apostle. Was Paul married? 'No doubt about it', says the author, and to those who might raise their eyebrows gives utterly convincing reasons for such judgment. Perhaps his activities led in due course to a marital separation. If only we had her story. . . .


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