The Good Parish Management Guide (Paper)

  • 9781853116728
  • 160
  • 50.00
  • Paper
  • 1853116726
  • 5/29/2006
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$ 20.99


"A new title in the ""Serving the Church"" series, this volume provides a unique and timely focus on collaborative parish management. Focusing on the skills and principles of effective parish management rather than the minutiae of administrative detail, it provides clear support and guidance for all involved in running their local church, whether lay or ordained. √°√°With rapidly changing patterns of clergy deployment, management is seen as a function of the community and not as the reserve of leaders. Adaptable to local church situations of all kinds, it considers every aspect of church life: bricks, mortar and assets; people, groups and community; needs, vision and purpose; counting and accounting; developing faith and worship; and more. The case studies and real-life example throughout make this an essential resource as churches face significant change."


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