In the Artists's Garden (Paper)

A Wormingford Journal

  • 9781848258075
  • 5 x 7
  • 160
  • 50.00
  • Paper
  • 9781848258075
  • 10/30/2015
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$ 23.99


Ronald Blythe inherited an ancient farmhouse and a three-acre garden from the artist-plantsman John Nash who created a naturalistic idyll in a fold of the Stour valley in Constable country. The delectable garden is a backdrop to Ronald Blythe's weekly column, Word From Wormingford, which has appeared on the back page of the Church Times for over 20 years and was praised as one of the finest journalistic columns by the Guardian.

As the garden evolves through the year, Ronald Blythe celebrates the gifts of each season in this ninth collection of columns, blending literature, poetry, spirituality and memory as he muses on the world from his garden gate.


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