Cries of the Heart: A Daily Companion for Your Journey Through Grief (Paper)

A Daily Companion for Your Journey Through Grief

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  • Paper
  • 1853116696
  • 10/31/2005
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At some point, everyone will experience bereavement. Even when a death is expected, it can be a bewildering and disorientating time and its intensity increases if a death is sudden or if there are tragic circumstances. The word 'quarantine' derives from an ancient Italian practice of giving newly bereaved people extra special attention and care during the first forty days following a death.√°√°Here is contemporary reworking of that idea - readings and reflections for forty days cover a wide range of commonly felt emotions and reactions, and offer support and understanding. A shorter second section gives readings for special days - birthdays, anniversary etc and a third section offers a selection of brief prayers.


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