What They Don't Teach You at Theological College: A Practical Guide to Life in the Ministry (Paper)

A Practical Guide to Life in the Ministry

  • 9781853115004
  • 212
  • 56.25
  • Paper
  • 1853115002
  • 1/1/2003
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This is an accessible guide for all those thinking of ordination, their teachers, and all those setting out in the ministry, along with their families. It offers practical advice on all the personnel issues related to the ministry, from sensing a call to planning for your retirement. There is clear and simple guidance on the appointments system and chapters on handling conflict, introducing change, managing on less money, knowing when to move on and reviewing your ministry. ááThe Church is exempt from employment law and clergy aften have to feel their way through 30 years or more service. This text offers support and guidance for every stage of your ministry, a summary of legal responsibilities and parish structures and advice for nurturing your personal life.


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