After the Church: Divine Encounter in a Sexual Age (Paper)

Divine Encounter in a Sexual Age

  • 9781853117367
  • 128
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  • Paper
  • 9781853117367
  • 6/27/2007
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"Claire Henderson Davis is the daughter of a Roman Catholic priest and theologian who resigned his priesthood in order to marry. Long before he experienced intimacy and love himself, he wrote a scholarly work on Jesus' relationships with women. ""After the Church"" explores an essential contradiction illustrated in her family's own story - the Christian story is as irresistible and compelling as falling in love, yet for many the Church is cerebral and passionless. This original and exciting book asks how a generation of people who are disillusioned with the Church can engage meaningfully and deeply with the Christian narrative in an age that is obsessed with sex. Claire offers a credible way to religious belief in six chapters - Storytelling, Beginning and Ending, Incarnation, The Trinity, The Body of Christ, and, With My Body I Thee Worship. Reworking these traditional spiritual themes in a radically contemporary way, she offers a pattern for faith and belief that will resonate with all spiritual seekers today. This is als


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