101 (at Least) Reasons to Get Up in the Morning: Celebrities' Favourite Inspirational Quotes (Paper)

Celebrities' Favourite Inspirational Quotes

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  • 10/17/2005
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When Andy Gard, who used to babysit Julie Tanner, dropped dead at 16, his young friend decided to do something for CRY, the charity that works to prevent sudden heart failure in the young that kills 3500 people each year in the UK, many while playing sport. It is the biggest killer for under 35s. The remarkable Julie has collected inspirational quotes from a glittering array of celebrities. Here you can discover who turns to Winnie the Pooh when the going gets tough, what Boris Johnson's grandma said to him, why cabbages are important to Tanni Grey Thompson, why nothing is impossible for Terry Wogan and discover many more celebrity secrets.


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