Silent Waiting: The Biblical Roots of Contemplative Spirituality (Paper)

The Biblical Roots of Contemplative Spirituality

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  • 5/1/1999
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Contemplative spirituality is not simply a way of praying ,undertaken by religious professionals, but is an adventurous way of living the Christian life that is open to all. At its centre is the belief that God is active in human affairs and in people's hearts. Our response is to wait - not in resigned passivity, but in anticipation of being caught up in the activity of God, in our personal lives and in the life of the world. ááThe first part of this book explores the roots of contemplative spirituality in the Old Testament, focusing particularly on the theme of 'waiting for the Lord' in the Psalms. The second part draws on this Old Testament tradition. and on the insights of the Desert Fathers and other early contemplatives the Church, to present a way of engaging in contemplative spirituality which is relevant for people today. . Practising such a spirituality can transform not only the way we pray, but every aspect of our lives. This is a message we need to rediscover today when so much importance is given to what


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