Godly and Righteous, Peevish and Perverse: Clergy and Religious in Literature and Letters (Paper)

Clergy and Religious in Literature and Letters

  • 9781853114922
  • 284
  • 131.25
  • Paper
  • 1853114928
  • 1/1/2002
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This anthology celebrates an enduring social figure: the holy (or not so holy) man or woman of God. They are as varied as they are numerous: they may be idle or diligent, rich or poor, adventurous, studious, corrupt, fervent, petulant, domineering, wise, foolish, loveable or detestable, ambitious or humble. The Reformation ushered in a new kind of holy man - the married priest and we see these figures at home as well as in their pulipts or about their parishes. Drawn from a thousand years of literature and letters, this is a unique and thoroughly enjoyable collection.


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