Praying the Movies II (Paper)

More Daily Meditations from Classic Films

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  • 5 x 8
  • 256
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  • Paper
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  • 1/31/2004
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Praying the Movies II brings together the ancient tradition of praise and prayer with a contemporary passion for the movies. Noted author and speaker Ed McNulty presents another collection of thirty-one devotionals--one a day for a month--that connect movies with the spiritual life of moviegoers. Each devotional contains passages from Scripture, an introduction to a scene from a popular film, a description of the scene, and a meditation on the themes in the scene and Scripture. Also included are questions to encourage further reflection, a suggestion for a hymn, and a brief prayer. Ideal for individual or group study, Praying the Movies II will bring the seemingly disparate worlds of the Bible and film together, helping readers to understand each in new ways.


Church Educator (January 2006)

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