Materiality as Resistance (Paper)

Five Elements for Moral Action in the Real World

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  • 2/18/2020
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What is materiality?

Jesus practiced materiality when he healed the bodies of the sick, proclaimed Jubilee to the poor, and fed the five thousand. He practiced materiality over materialism. In Materiality as Resistance, Walter Brueggemann defines materiality as the use of the material aspects of the Christian faith, as opposed to materialism, which places possessions and physical comfort over spiritual values. In this concise volume, Brueggemann lays out how we as Christians may reengage our materiality for the common good. How does materiality inform our faith when it comes to food, money, the body, time, and place? How does it force us to act? Likewise, how is the church obligated to use its time, money, abundance of food, the care and use of our bodies, observance of Sabbath, and stewardship of our world and those with whom we share it. With a foreword from Jim Wallis, Materiality as Resistance serves as a manifesto of Walter Brueggemann’s most important work and as an engaging call to action. It is suited for group or individual study. 


“With a flash of inspiration, [Brueggemann] spells out four dimensions of mature materiality of place as heir, neighbor, partner and citizen.” Spirituality & Practice
“This straightforward and enticing exploration of the Christian responsibility for moral action is a great starting place for small groups, ecumenical gatherings and preaching series. Each chapter ends with insightful questions for further discussion. The endnotes are especially helpful in compiling readings for further inquiry.” —The Presbyterian Outlook

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