The Westminster Handbook to Origen (Paper)

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  • 1/1/2004
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This book provides ready access into and sure guidance through the marvelous, often convoluted, invariably rich world of Origen: the man, the ecclesiastical dynamics of his day, his extant works, the range of his theological explorations, his influence, and the controversies associated with him in life and in death. Included are recommendations for use and clear presentation of topics which enable the reader, whether novice or specialist, to engage Origen in ways that address the reader's interest.

The Westminster Handbook to Christian Theology series provides a set of resources for the study of historic and contemporary theological movements and Christian theologians. These books are intended to help students and scholars find concise and accurate treatments of important theological terms.


Presbyterian History (Canada) November 2005 "[A]n essential resource for anyone wishing to understand Origen's work."
Adamantius (No. 2, Fall/Winter 2005) "[A] work that deserves highest praise." --Thomas P. Scheck
Calvin Theological Journal (Vol. 40, No. 2, Nov. 2005) "[A]n excellent place to start for anyone interested in learning something about Origen's life and teaching." "A remarkable book on a remarkable figure." --James R. Payton Jr.
From the Anglican Theological Review (Vol. 87, No. 2, Spring 2005) "In McGuckin, Origen has gotten what he deserves-- a sympathetic, able editor who has written an energetic and very accessible introduction to Origen and his works and assembled a plethora of Origen scholars who have contributed some eighty articles...on the great Alexandrian and Caesarean theologian and exegete. I can hardly think of a better introduction to Origen than McGuckin's to recommend to a student or seminarian." "The Westminster Handbook to Origen should be in every seminary and university library--indeed, in the hands of every informed Christian."

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