The Westminster Handbook to Thomas Aquinas (Paper)

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  • 7/20/2005
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This complete yet concise reference work provides scholars and students with accurate interpretations of the ways in which Thomas Aquinas used important theological terms. Aquinas, a theologian and philosopher in the Roman Catholic Church, sought to reconcile faith and reason, philosophy and Christianity. He discussed many theological topics in his extensive writings and became one of the most important theologians of the Middle Ages. His influence continues to be pervasive today and his thought is of major interest to both Roman Catholics and Protestants.

The Westminster Handbook to Christian Theology series provides a set of resources for the study of historic and contemporary theological movements and Christian theologians. These books are intended to help students and scholars find concise and accurate treatments of important theological terms.


Reference and Research Book News (Vol. 20, No.4, November 2005) "[An] encycolpedic presentation that doubles as a good read."

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