SCM Study Guide to Christian Ethics (Paper)

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  • 1/28/2006
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"Providing the level one student with all they will need to know to understand their course fully, ""SCM Study Guide: Christian Ethics"" is full of helpful features to aid memory and learning and pointers for further reading and further study. The book covers the major areas of ethical theory and methodology that are key to any introductory course, including the use of the Bible in Christian ethics, natural law, conscience, various philosophical approaches to ethics and the influence of liberation theologies. In addition, three methodological topics often neglected in textbooks in this area but included here, are Christian ethics and science, Christian ethics and pastoral care and the relationship between Christian ethics and the wider public debates in ethics. The book also covers a wide range of topics in practical Christian ethics, all introduced by case studies, ranging from abortion, euthanasia, human genetic manipulation, health care rationing, divorce and remarriage, homosexuality, capital punishment, just war and


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